IoT Nuggets | Emerging IoT Solutions: What is on the Horizon? w/ Michael T. Lawless SVP of Sales for DCS

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Welcome back to IoT Nuggets! We’re on part 3 of 4 learning more and more each time with Michael Lawless, EVP of Sales for DCS about IoT solutions.

DCS is a technical services provider (TSP) that engages with its customers to discover their needs. DCS provides complete IoT solutions to their customers. This solution fits their needs and allows them to run their business effectively and efficiently.

Discover more about DCS, what they do and their IoT go to market strategy.

IoT Solutions with DCS

The IT/IoT industry and go-to-market is ever-changing. The DCS approach to emerging solutions and technologies involves challenges; but furthermore, it also involves vertical markets that companies must select and decide which focus is best for them based on their overarching goals. That’s where DCS comes in – to help companies find their best solution and IoT go to market strategy along the way.

DCS provides emerging solutions through testing and vetting. It’s their responsibility to use that information and figure out the best solution to move forward productively.

DCS has also found itself in telematics, which has meant different things to different groups depending on their needs. From emerging solutions to sensors, DCS keeps a fast pace with the industry’s ever-changing technological advances.

Use Cases with DCS

Telematics use cases could be classified as “dots on a map.” Well, Lawless likes to say DCS’ solutions are beyond dots on a map. It’s emerging, which means (for example) as it gets colder, their clients who are investing in snow plowing can accurately keep track of where they are, what they’re doing, what’s going on, and to keep tabs on their machines and its health.

As of late, DCS has seen more asset management in popularity. High-value assets, such as a seed bin, can be easily monitored and tracked to ensure that company is not losing person-hours or other necessary aspects of a job.

Additionally, video telematics is an emerging space. With the added benefit of video, you can see exactly what’s happening in real-time for safety reasons, risk mitigation, false claims, and insurance. Companies have a video recording of all the essentials in the palm of their hand. Video telematics has all the advantages of traditional telematics; however, now you have the added enhancement of video to leverage. It’s irrefutable and admissible in court, and all the cost of practically paid for by the reduction on your insurance.

IoT Solutions with BH IoT

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