IoT Nuggets | Episode 5 | Livin’ on the EDGE (Computing)

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Welcome to Episode 5 of BH IoT Nuggets with Doug Cohen and Steve Brumer. In Episode 4 we talked about the complete stack of an IoT deployment. Today, we’re talking about EDGE computing and what kind of problem it solves for people who are looking for a monetized IoT deployment to bring computing to the EDGE.

What is EDGE Computing?

IoT and EDGE computing have become a very hot area of the industry over the last couple of years. It’s essentially a really good computer with high-end processors, communication capabilities, and IoT-related communication network infrastructure capabilities.

Who Uses EDGE?

A variety of vertical markets can benefit from EDGE computing, whether they’re a smart building, mining operation, a port, a factory floor, or a venue. EDGE computing allows you to send the data from the sensors into the EDGE box and have the EDGE box make the decision on what to do with that information. This reduces the amount of latency and increases security capabilities at a reasonable price. EDGE boxes can cost hundreds of dollars and up and those costs have come down dramatically which means the ROI is fantastic for installing and putting an EDGE box into your process.

What are the Benefits of EDGE Computing?

EDGE boxes communicate with each other without accessing the internet and hitting several stops along the way, which is what increases latency. Instead, they use self-contained technologies.

BH IoT has relationships with numerous computing box companies. All can be used in the same type of applications but all have a different capability and use case. BH IoT helps you figure out what the best solution is for you, to solve your problem.

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