Hardy Schmidbauer SVP of IoT – Talking Security and RecovR for Dealers in the IoT Go To Market

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This week’s IoT Nugget features Hardy Schmidbauer, Senior Vice President of Kudelski IoT. We’ll be digging into security and RecovR for dealers. Schmidbauer has a long-running history in the semiconductor space focused on IoT go to market and wireless. 

About Kudelski in IoT Go To Market

Kudelski is an 800-million-dollar company encompassing four central business units in the company, one including IoT. Schmidbauer leads the IoT division, which houses three main lines of services: security, assessments, and evaluations of people’s products and solutions.

Their key string product provides security for IoT devices and device management. IoT go to market solutions design complete end-to-end solutions and help bring them to the market. Currently, they’re working with BH IoT Group on a security-based project with our IoT consulting services.

Security Tips for the IoT Go To Market

“Security has been an evolution over the past couple of years,” said Schmidbauer. Many people have their definitions of security and what it means to them and their company. The market education around security is getting better. The initiatives around regulation and standardization are becoming more dominant in today’s technologically driven world.

There is more education and regulation based on what’s needed in IoT, from various initiatives to mandates from Homeland Security. Security is heading in the right direction, all in all.

Kudelski has expertise in the IoT and security space. They’ve learned and grown as a company in the past 20 years, including what security means to help businesses adapt to IoT best practices. Further, they help companies evaluate products, understand regulations, pinpoint the security target of their products and solutions, and the appropriate level of security a company may need.

RecovR for Dealers

Kudelski launched RecovR in June 2021 with success. With continued monthly growth, it provides anti-theft solutions for dealerships and consumers. The goal of this product is to be a leader in this space with its innovative business model. 

RecovR is actively deployed in multiple large, multi-location dealerships in Arizona, Texas, California, Hawaii, Colorado, and Illinois. Furthermore, this innovation enables car dealers to manage their lots more efficiently, improve the sales process, and create a new revenue stream, all while providing consumers with the most advanced and reliable wireless theft recovery solution on the market. The product is now helping dealerships across the country optimize their operations and boost their Finance & Insurance (F&I) revenues.

IoT Go To Market is Complex

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