Justin Silva CEO of Momentum IoT – Let’s Talk About Toolie and the IoT Go to Market

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This week, Steve and Doug met with Justin Silva, CEO of Momentum IoT. Momentum IoT helps small and mid-sized fleet managers locate and manage trucks, trailers, and heavy and light equipment with spectacular 4th gen GPS and telematics tracking solutions. Discover more about Momentum IoT and Toolie and the IoT go to market below.

About Momentum IoT

Starting in 2017, Momentum IoT began to make its own hardware, software, and overall self-serving platform for small business owners.

In 2019, Momentum launched its IoT go to market and wanted to find a way to be different. While they were learning and growing, they discovered that 2 out of 3 fleets out there are small businesses. Of that 66% of fleets, about 25% of them are connected to the internet. You have a vast space that’s interconnected, and much of the market isn’t using it.

Thus, they developed a clear IoT go to market strategy based on opening that untapped market segment. Instead of targeting enterprise sales tracks, markets, and selling physical hardware, they provide transactional, month-to-month eCommerce to lease the hardware for small businesses.

By getting the most out of social media, Momentum creates engaging content and makes it incredibly easy to get and stay connected to its market segment. They can close a deal with customers in a matter of minutes, thanks to their fully automated processes. 

Momentum IoT targets the field service segment, from plumbers and landscapers to HVAC and others. Proudly, Momentum IoT recently hit their 3,500-customer mark – they found their niche, and it seems to be working for both their clients and the Momentum team.

Toolie: Momentum IoT’s Newest Product

Introducing their newest service, Toolie. This game-changing ‘Fitbit for Tools” enables remote managers to visualize job sites, figure out job progress, and ensure that each step is completed while resolving issues in real time.

Supervisors and managers have access to a lot of data now, which solves the issue of not knowing where their materials or work crew are and how progress is coming along. Toolie easily tracks every truck that goes into the field, has the equipment, and wants to know where it is and what it’s doing.

The Toolie solves a real-world problem with a solution that works.

Looking into the future, Silva believes the industry is moving in a positive direction. Especially when it comes to Toolie and others, the challenge of not knowing what’s going on at job sites will be a question of the past.

The IoT Go to Market

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