IoT Nuggets | Let’s Talk About DCS and Their Portfolio of Solutions w/ Michael T. Lawless

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Welcome back! We’re continuing our series on creating IoT go to market solutions with returning featured guest Michael Lawless, SVP of Sales for DCS.

IoT Go to Market Solutions with DCS

DCS takes a different approach to IoT go to market solutions. Their team uses a solutions sales methodology to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Confirm the answer
  • Control the conversation
  • Move the conversation (and solutions) forward

DCS searches for pain points and efficiently overcomes its client’s challenges. The DCS team has an incredible roster of industry veterans that takes a different approach to hardware. 

It means looking at their client’s pain points and figuring out what they need without overcommunicating. DCS shows their clients a price range and which solutions fit best.

The DCS team is trained to have a little empathy and a lot of gratitude to find the solutions to people’s problems and not provide another.

DCS provides IoT go to market business solutions with intelligence, creativity, and logical and innovative strategies that improve business efficiencies, productivity, reliability, and profitability.

How DCS Provides Value with IoT Go to Market Strategy

DCS provides a single pane of glass approach with a managed service approach – the connectivity piece. That single-paned glass is the end user’s interface. DCS strives to be iconic and interactive for its clients to keep data and projects moving forward easily.

The managed service component involves remaining as transparent as possible for their customers. This is so the end user can not just feel like a customer but be a part of the process.

DCS’s lab services are more “like an incubator,” according to Lawless. It’s where they want the problems to happen. Everything happens in phases. The lab environment allows the DCS team to do anything and put the devices outside a bench test environment.

The lab reinforces the notion that DCS aims for solid confidence that they have a solution to a problem – they don’t want to sell a problem. They put devices through their phases and have people test and explain their primary concerns and how to provide solutions with conviction and empathy.

DCS Working with IT&E

DCS works with many resellers, dealers, and carriers. That said, DCS partnered with IT&E in 2020. IT&E is a great partner with DCS. They are more than a carrier. They are a technology consultant and trusted advisors for all industries in Guam and Saipan. 

For almost 30 years, IT&E has been delivering connections that matter. IT&E serves over 80,000 subscribers on the widest 4G LTE Data Network in Guam and the Marianas.

From 2G to 5G, we have supported hundreds of companies and thousands of devices. DCS and IT&E help clients with migrating to complete IoT go to market solutions.

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