IoT Nuggets | Let’s Talk About the DCS Connectivity Solution Offering w/ Michael T. Lawless

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Welcome back! We’re on the final episode of our series on creating IoT go to market solutions with returning featured guest Michael Lawless, SVP of Sales for DCS to talk about DCS connectivity.

IoT Go-to-Market Solutions, Carriers, and DCS Connectivity

Connectivity is a large part of IoT go to market. Nothing works unless connected to a network; therefore, there must be connectivity. Many of DCS’ partners are the cellular carriers themselves because they have carrier reps who are compensated to get out there and provide solutions.

Around 15 years ago, DCS was a Sprint MSP, which meant being a solutions partner. As a Sprint MSP, one of the companies they worked with, Taxitronics, wanted to conduct something revolutionary. Taxitronics wanted to allow cab drivers to take credit cards instead of cash. DCS put together a solution for Taxitronics to accept credit cards for their taxi drivers. From there, they got bought by VeriFone Transportation and the rest is history. That is how DCS started to create IoT go to market solutions for their clients.

DCS is fortunate to have many partners, especially with US Cellular. They encompass a great team of people to work with. Many use cases have came from this partnership. In addition, Verizon Wireless is also an excellent partner with DCS. Currently, they have a new initiative in progress involving business Internet that DCS is very interested In.

In addition, DCS also has great partners with rural carriers, such as Bluegrass, Cellcom, Carolina West, Inland Cellular, and many others. They genuinely enjoy working with regional carriers because they have specific use cases. For example, with Inland Cellular, Lawless had the opportunity to speak at a logging convention and valued the chance to meet eager professionals ready to discover more about developing a IoT go to market strategy with solutions.

Sell-with vs. Sell-through

In sum, sell-with means that you’re selling with carrier representatives. Sell-through means DCS finds the customers themselves and sells to them.

Friction is found when one of those reps thinks that you are selling through and that you could steal their deal, which DCS would never actually do. Those two parts do not cross, and DCS is highly sensitive about those relationships and respecting boundaries.

Why Choose DCS Connectivity?

Why would a company want to go to DCS? It’s simple, they care. It’s ingrained in the people on their team to care.

“I’m so grateful for the roster that we have here. It is a lot of veterans but mostly people that care,” Lawless continues, “They approach this business with empathy and that’s really important. It’s important to me. We want to help people. We want to find what the problem is and solve that problem for them.”

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