Michael T. Lawless SVP of Sales for DCS: DCS and Their Story of Success with the IoT Go to Market

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Welcome back to IoT Nuggets! We had the chance to chat with Michael Lawless, EVP of Sales for DCS about DCS’ success with the IoT go to market.

DCS is a technical services provider (TSP) that engages with its customers to discover their needs. DCS then pulls the right pieces together from the IoT ecosystem, whether hardware, platform, connectivity, etc. and gives the complete IoT solution to the customer. This solution fits their needs and allows them to run their business effectively and efficiently.

Discover more about DCS, what they do, and their IoT go to market strategy.

IoT Go to Market Solutions with DCS

DCS is a publicly traded business working in America’s finest city known as San Diego. DCS is an IoT enabler. They look for partners interested in the IoT space – developing the platform, best-in-class hardware, and connectivity.

Customers want an all-in-one solution to quickly get back to running their business. DCS gives them the ability and flexibility to get what they need and want, which are two different things. DCS offers you what you need for IoT solutions, then later down the line, you let them know what you want.

The IoT industry is fragmented, meaning one solution has many choices. End-users don’t want to be involved in all that. DCS gives them a solution that does what they need and wants to use that data to run their business. It’s hard to do that with a cookie-cutter IoT go to market solution since everybody’s needs differ.

More on TSP and the IoT Go to Market

TSP stands for technical service provider, which according to Lawless, means they find problems. They solve their client’s issues by asking probing questions, then going into what they do and providing solutions – not services, but solutions

Lawless also likes to refer to TSP as a “technology solutions partner” since it’s their priority to keep their clients from seeing the behind-the-scenes and only show them the results. 

In short, as a service provider, they conduct the proof of concept. Then, based on the questions, they find the problems and pain points to provide a tangible solution. They find out what configurations need doing and which devices are needed to get clear answers to their problems.

DCS as an End-to-End Solution Provider

Companies are going directly to DCS for end-to-end solution providers. They know the space and know the exact solutions for their partners.

The past few years have been challenging for all of us in all industries. That said, DCS has overcome the supply chain challenges for its clients. The supply chain has kept them busy, to say the least. However, depending on the requirements and lead times, tariffs, or factories moving, they find suitable alternatives to solve their client’s problems with ease.

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