IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 171 – Edge Cloud Silliness (Live from VMware Explore 2023)

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Join IoT Coffee Talk at VMware Explore 2023 to delve deeper into IoT solutions, including generative AI and multi-cloud solutions. Explore topics regarding on-premise vs. edge cloud and IoT convergence. Uncover insights into IoT business solutions and innovation with BH IoT Group.

IoT Solutions: What is Edge Cloud?

Edge cloud involves cloud architecture’s operating principles being pushed out towards the edge. Edge cloud, or edge computing, essentially means completing computer tasks closer to where they’re needed, not in faraway data centers. This helps assets work faster, like self-driving cars. It also saves internet space and keeps data safer. It’s optimal for tasks that need to work in real-time.

Small local data centers cooperate with large cloud centers, providing enhanced control over computing tasks. Enterprises are largely considering existing on-premises assets and looking to set up micro data centers, which are part of edge cloud.

IoT Convergence

IoT is the one discipline that allows us to experiment with so many different technologies, and that’s why we are passionate about IoT.

What’s important in the IoT ecosystem is that for the next 24 months, we discipline ourselves to not just come up with another hype term, but to enter the conversation about IoT convergence. Some technologies stick and some don’t, but what should matter is how established businesses can start conversations around IoT convergence.

IoT convergence, a pivotal aspect of optimal IoT business solutions, unites various technologies into a cohesive ecosystem. By bridging devices like smart fridges and thermostats, it enables seamless communication and data sharing. This synergy enhances data analysis, improves efficiency, and fosters innovation, making it essential to the IoT landscape.

The Potential of Generative AI

Generative AI refers to a class of artificial intelligence systems that possess the capacity to autonomously create content, such as text, images, or music. These systems learn from the data they are exposed to and generate novel, often contextually relevant outputs. They have broad applications in creative fields, automation, and content generation, among others. Essentially, generative AI acts as an intelligent creator in the digital realm.

That said, many industry experts believe that Google’s move into generative AI will be the catalyst for a whole new generation of use cases. We at BH IoT Group are excited to see what future potential this has.

BH IoT Group Provides Optimal IoT Solutions

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