IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 167 – The Blippies of IoT

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Welcome to IoT Coffee Talk, where we have fireside chats about all things IoT technology and IoT product strategy over a cup of coffee with some of the industry’s leading business minds, thought leaders, and technologists.

In this week’s episode, we delve into the topic of smart buildings and discuss the realities of connecting things wirelessly. We explore the ongoing challenges of connecting homes and buildings, as well as why massive IoT matters.

IoT Technology: LoRaWAN vs Wi-Fi

Between LoRaWAN sensors and Wi-Fi, which is the better option when it comes to IoT technology? BH IoT Group helps to answer this question while keeping IoT product strategies in mind.

If you consider the pricing of the Wi-Fi centers compared to the LoRaWAN sensors, the cost is similar. However, when it comes to the previsions, you must consider if you’ll achieve complete control through a mobile app as easily as you will from a LoRaWAN-based mobile app, as the usability distinctions make all the difference within IoT technology.

Additionally, the data from the sensor to the LoRaWAN gateway is encrypted. So, the notion of security and privacy issues will not be as apparent with LoRaWAN compared to Wi-Fi.

With these considerations in mind, LoRaWAN may cover more bases of what is needed to ensure usability and privacy for commercial spaces.

Home IoT Technology and IoT Product Strategy

Homeowners can buy IoT products like Phyn. Phyn is a Wi-Fi-based product that showcases any sort of leak detection at home. It senses the detection of water and pressure flowing through sinks or facets and provides notifications using an app or text message.

When it comes to IoT technology, the average homeowner mainly relies on Wi-Fi. However, if an IoT product is purchased, it’s a little more trustworthy if it offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for security and usability purposes.

It’s not a simple task to integrate IoT technology throughout a house. When it comes to rolling out an IoT product strategy, consider the target market for many at-home IoT products. 55% of IoT products, including Nest or Ring, are bought by women and are promoted with a DIY approach. We at BH IoT Group view it similarly to buying multiple streaming services to watch TV or a movie. There are too many streaming options and the quality varies between them.

There is no standard product that unifies everything. “It’s not the standards as its written, it’s the implementation of the standard,” said Bill Pugh.

For consumer markets to truly embrace IoT, an IoT product should maintain security and reliability while making connectivity easier for the average homeowner. 

BH IoT Group’s Impact on IoT Technology

BH Iot Group is a recognized leader in crafting innovative IoT product strategies and providing tailored IoT solutions that redefine industries and enhance connectivity possibilities. With a commitment to innovation, BH IoT Group specializes in partnering with businesses to harness the power of IoT for strategic growth. 

By understanding the unique challenges of each client, BH IoT Group delivers comprehensive IoT strategies that drive efficiency, improve customer experiences, and unlock new revenue streams. 

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